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Home Bred Birds 2006

This page has been added in readiness for pictures of this year youngsters. 

The breeding season has gone reasonably well with 100 youngsters produced. I normally breed mainly clears but this year I have crossed some of my clear line with darker birds and have bred a good range of colours. I did this because the pairings were what I considered to be the best for type and quality - the main things we should all be striving for.

Here's my first batch of pictures (9 Oct 2006). Some more added at the bottom of the page (16 Oct 2006).


Clear White Cock                                                    Heavily Variegated Fawn Hen (Best Champion at Runcorn)


Clear Yellow Cocks, two nest mates


Head marked Buff Cock                                           Variegated Buff Cock


Variegated Fawn Hen, nest mate to the Clear White at the top of the page


Variegated Yellow Hen, same bird, two angles


Variegated Yellow Hen

Pictured below added 16 Oct 2006


Clear Buff Cocks - nest mates


Heavily Variegated Buff Cinnamon Hen                   Heavily Variegated Buff Cock


Heavily Variegated Buff Hen - two different angles


Clear Yellow Hen - two different angles


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