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Home Bred Birds 2005


Lightly Variegated Yellow Hen                                    Heavily Variegated Buff Hen


Clear White Hen                                                         Clear Buff Hen


Clear White Hen                                                      Clear Yellow Cock


Heavily Variegated Buff Cock                                   Heavily Variegated Yellow Cock


Variegated Yellow Cock, same bird on the right


Variegated Yellow Cock                                           Variegated Yellow Hen


Clear Buff Cock                                            Clear Buff Cock


Clear Buff Hen                                            Clear yellow Cock


Clear Yellow Cock                                    Clear Yellow Cock   


Heavily Variegated Buff Hen                        Heavily Variegated Yellow Hen


Ticked Yellow Cock (both photos)


Self Yellow Green Cock                              Self Yellow Green Cock 



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